Our Boats

Our fleet is exclusively comprised of brand new boats of the type Compass 150 CC which were especially made for Yolo rent a boat. Compass 150 CC is one of the safest vessels in its category because it is constructed based on latest technologies which make it lighter and ensure that it is unsinkable, reliable and durable! At the same time its modern design allows for a spacious deck to accommodate comfortably a family of five.

Your safety is our highest priority! All our boats are equipped with a satellite GPS tracker so that we can locate you at any time and come to your rescue asap! Additional safety equipment is also found on board. During the rental time, you are also covered by liability insurance in the event of damages to a third- party.

But what is safety without some comfort? All our boats come with an icebox to keep your drinks cool, sundeck to keep you off the sun and of course Bluetooth and USB port to keep your phones charged!

Before renting out one of our boats you will be thoroughly instructed on how to use it.











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