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Terms and conditions

No license is needed for the rental of a boat up to 30hp.

Before hiring out the boat the customer must personally check it and confirm that the boat condition is to his satisfaction.

The boat is handed over from Yolo Rent a Boat at full tank capacity. On returning the boat the customer will be charged for the fuel used.

The boat is covered by a liability insurance for personal and material damages caused by a collision at sea.

Yolo rent a boat bears no responsibility for loss or damages to the customer's belongings caused during the hiring period.

The customer accepts and agrees to the following:

  • The boat must be returned in the same condition as it was received. The costs of any damage caused to the boat due to bad or careless use will be exclusively born by the customer.

  • The boat must be returned before sunset. Returning the boat sooner than the agreed time does not offer cause for a money refund.

  • Only the person who hired the boat and received the instructions of use is allowed to navigate and control it.

  • The maximum allowed distance between boat and coastline is 2 nautical miles.

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